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these wonderful pictures are taken by Oliver Graf  - thank you Oliver

TICA CH Wistariantale Wizard Of Bonfires

dob: 27MAR08, colour: black silver classic tabby/ white 

Wizard is mybpc3-Gene: negativ

Wizzy had been ultrasounded for HCM & PKD and x-rayed for HD and PL on

22JAN09 and found to be negative at the date of screening

TICA SBT 032708 023

Thank you Sumiyo for this stunning boy!!!





IW SGC Williamina Genji Of Wistariantale


SGC  Sarajen Texas Ranger Of Williamina

IW SGC Sarajen Scoresby

CH Coonoquan Brannan Of Fogcity

RW TGC Mainsuspect India Pale Of Sarajen

Mainsuspect Caol Ila Of Sarajen

Coonyisle Buster Brown    

Meowykazowy´s Emma Peel

RW SGC Lunarcoons Selene Of Williamina

IW OS SGC Lunarcoons Ganymede

Koontucky Macmarvelous Of Kellycat   

RW Williamina Tsuki Of Lunarcoons 

RW OD SGC Lunarcoons Rosalind Of Shastacoons

LA SGC Lunarcoons Total Eclipse   

Mysticoon Phoebe Of Lunarcoons  

CH Smokeycoons Moxee Of Wistariantale

RW SGC Smokeycoons Alejandro

QGC Luvpaws Maverick Of Wyndabbey

CH Capecoon´s Space Cowboy f Luvpaws

CH Pandomainia Willow Of  Luvpaws

OD SGC Pinecoon Kiss Me Kate Of Smokeycoons

RW TGC Pinecoon´s Buckskin Harry

TGC Willowplace Lindy Hop Of Pinecoon

Ch Wistariantale Amore Of Smokeycoons

RW QGC Wistariantale Magnifico

RW QGC Williamina Eric The Red

Coonyham Galaxy Of Wistariantale

RW QGC Acadiapark Tigerli Of Wistariantale

RW SGC Acadiapark´s Maverick 

Acadiapark´s Pawnee