red mackerel tabby male * dob 24MAY05 * TICA SBT 052405 059

08JUN06: Chiranyeevi has been ultrasounded for HCM and PKD and x-rayed for HD and PL

and has found to be negative at the date of screening, he is also  mybpc3-Gene: negativ

Chiranyeevi is an Indian name and means  "long-lived, infinite" in Sanskrit. 

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pictures by Helmi Flick - thank you Helmi, you did a great job!






Mysticoon Legend Of Bonfires


SGC Mysticoon Rio Bravo


RW SGC Mysticoon Rimrock

OS SGC Gentlegiants Majerle Of Koontucky

OD CH Willowplace Starlight Express 

Mainiac Christabel of Mysticoon

SGC Mr. Incognito Of Mainiac


CH Mysticoon Merry Widow

IW SGC Sarajen Dewars

RW SGC Coonpulsive´s Big Bend

CH Sarajen Isle Of Jura

SGC Mysticoon Cheyenne

OS SGC Coonyham Navarro

GRC Mysticoon Baby Doe Tabor

RW SGC Tipsntufts A Patchy Of Bonfires


RW SGC CH Coonsworth Runninbear Of Tipsntufts


CH Pawsnickety Ramses Of Coonsworth

DCH Angtini Jenkins Of Purrmayne

CH Weysha Madyson Of Pawsnickety

CH Walmet Rebecca Of Coonsworth

GIC Walmet Caleb Of Caralee

GIC Walmet Medievil Madam Of Chaudvent

Bonfires Wildfire Of Tipsntufts


EC Oldestage Wild Bill Of Bonfires

Capecoon Billy The Kid

Katenaicoons Kodiak Of Oldestage

CH/ EC Willowplace Cholula Of Bonfires

Willowplace Peachtree

Dorwil Kaleidoscope Of Willowplace