Wistariantale Renaissance Of Bonfires

blue/ white - date of birth 06MAY06

TICA SBT 050506 043

CFA 1790-1591857


2nd best blue/wh Maine Coon Int. 2008

07MAR07 HCM + PKD ultrasounded & HP + PL xrayed negative

mybpc3-Gene: negativ

Thank you Sumiyo for this wonderful cat!

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RW Mainsuspect Tizian of Tuscaloosa


IW SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister


RW SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshader

Kitty-Up Geronimo

Kitty-Up Hills Gold

CH. Sarajen Isle Of Jura

Sarajen Alabama Slammer

Islandcats Moody Blues Of Sarajen

Mainesuspect Geisha

Cooneyisle A Boy Named Sioux

Coonyham In Like Flint Of Ociopia

CH Cooneyisle Passionate Kisses

CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel

Honeymoon Desperado

CH Meowy-Kazowy China Blue

Coonyham Melrose Of Wistariantale


IW SGC Coonyham Lone Star

OS SGC Coonceit Majerle Of Koontucky

DGC Countrycousin John Boy

GRC Donnahugh Somerset

CH. Wyndhaven´s Dakota Of Coonham

SGC Ryanplace Shacado Of Wyndhaven

Charmalot Patchwork Princess

RW QGC Nascat´s Fire Up And Burn Out

Stormwatch´s Red  Sky At Morning

MtKittery Bemis

CH Angtini´s Cyclone Of Stormwatch

Nascat The White Flag

CH Stormwatch Dirtrack Damon

CH Stormwatch´s Memory Of Nascat